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Dan Lobelle

Hello there.

I’m Dan, a full stack web developer based in Portage, Michigan.

I started coding in the third grade and have been tinkering with computers all my life. After college, I spent seven years as a network engineer while also building websites as a side gig. Then I realized that I enjoyed my web work way more than my day job, so I made that my day job.


For nine years, I was in charge of web development and digital strategy at Western Michigan University. I got to work with all sorts of cool tech, including Drupal, Node.js, Docker, and React.

Now I’m putting those skills to good use at CivicActions, where we help government better serve the public through modern web technology and accessible, human-centered design.


When I’m not working, I love cooking, rocking out on my ukulele or bass, and playing D&D and a bunch of other games with my wife and daughters.

I’m also a huge fan of sumo wrestling. Seriously, it’s the best.