Great designs deserve great code.

A photo of meMy name is Dan Lobelle.
I’m a web developer.

My passion is working with talented designers to bring beautiful web sites and applications to life.

My specialty is Drupal, but I’ve worked with Joomla, WordPress, and Expression Engine, too. If you need solid PHP, SQL, CSS, or jQuery code, I’m your guy.

I’m also an expert in Windows, Linux, and VMware servers, networked storage, and database management systems. Your data center will love me.

Adding variables to Drupal.settings

If you’ve ever looked at the HTML code that your Drupal site spits out, you may have noticed something like this in the <head> section:

jQuery.extend(Drupal.settings, { "basePath": "/" });

And you may have thought, “So what? Drupal stores the base path in an array. Big whoop.” Well, what’s cool about this is that it’s one of the ways Drupal makes it easy for you to pass values computed in PHP to your jQuery scripts. ... Read more


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Featured project

International Child Care

Project Details


When ICC came to us, their Drupal site was outdated, disorganized, and difficult to maintain. While Zach gave them a beautiful new design, I re-engineered the back-end from the ground up. The result was a site that is appealing to both visitors and content managers.

  • ICC frontpage
  • News page